About Dayak Dreams

by Michael Lyons

Christina Lomon and I were married in December 2016 in a traditional Dayak ceremony in Jakarta Indonesia. After a honeymoon in Bali, we were confident Indonesia would be our home. Three months later I moved to Indonesia to join Christina. Together, we created Dayakdreams.com in July 2017,

Our careers were both in publishing, hers as an Editor in Chief and mine as a magazine art director. Our combined experience in mass media is over 50 years. It only makes sense that we would build this website. Originally, the articles were about Travel, Dayak culture and Dayak politics. Since then, the mission of our website has changed to include the categories Indonesian Politics and Inspiration.

85% of our traffic is from mobile phones, so we have made DayakDreams.com easy to navigate on a small display. This is very important in Indonesia where nearly everyone has a hand phone, but few have a computer. Our strategy is simple, When a new article is posted, we send a push-to-read link on all our Face Book accts, Instagram, and WhatsApp groups. Anyone with a hand phone can read our internet article.

Interesting statistics

  • The number of internet users (penetration rate) in Java is 58% and growing rapidly.
  • Penetration rate in Borneo and other less developed parts of Indonesia is 7%.
  • Large scale projects are underway in Kalimantan to build internet infrastructure.
  • Penetration rate for 18 to 24 age group in Jakarta is 100%.
  • The largest age group in Dayak Dreams’ audience is split between 18-24 and 25-34
  • The average session time for Dayak Dreams is 3:22.
  • Most of Dayak Dreams traffic comes from: 31%Jakarta, 16% Surabaya 16% Makassar, 9% Pontianak, and 28% all others combined

Call us anytime if you would like more info: 0813-1500-3288 or 0812-1002-3379.

As an exclamation point to to this page, I want to say this about my wife, Christina: She graduated from college as a journalist and accepted a job working on a major magazine in Jakarta. In a few short years, she became Editor in Chief. This is remarkable considering she is a Catholic woman in the male-dominated business world of Jakarta. My wife is amazing.

Read more about Christina’s experience in politics HERE.