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Puri Brata is a serene place to learn about your heart and your creator. It is a sanctuary located about 3 miles from South Beach, Yogyakarta in Central Java. A Catholic priest, Thomas Aquino Rohadi, who is now the pastor of our church in Jakarta Timur, is it’s founder.

The rooms are spacious and quaint. Vines, ferns, and tropical foliage cover the grounds. There is always a bench or even desk around for meditation and notes. It feels like you’ve discovered something remote, like Machu Picchu. The architecture is typical Javanese. Their roofs are distinct—think pizza hut logo (I wonder if there’s a connection?).

The chapel has the best sculpture of Christ I’ve seen. Some Javanese Christians believe Christ was Javanese. That isn’t odd to me, after all, Europeans think he was white. Mary too. In reality, He spoke Aramaic and had dark skin. And, Mary was from Nazareth, not Paris. You shouldn’t need scripture to figure that one out.

The room we got cost about $40.00 but included breakfast, which was really good. There’s a museum like area that has Javanese history and some cool not-so-old-antiques, like a CJ2 jeep. Pastor Rohadi likes antiques. At the church in Jakarta, he has a 1952 BMW motorcycle.

Puri Brata is the perfect place if you want to write or just be alone. It is what silence sounds like.

View walking out of our room

Javanese chapel. Notice, no kneelers

Polisi sepeda (police bike)

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