Beware of Symbols

by Michael Lyons —

This dream is similar to the other dream I posted awhile go in that it was one of those rare and powerful night visions that reveal an undeniable truth (previous dream: Devine Revalation). The detail and intensity make them quite different than ordinary dreams.

In this dream, I am in a steamy jungle on a dirt path. The foliage was thick and the canopy high. Direct sunlight did not reach the ground and the air was heavy. The path itself was dark brown and moist to the point of feeling slightly spongy. There was just enough room to walk single-file.

I was joined, to my rear by several animated cartoon-like characters.

There was casual talk going on as they followed me. I did not question the environment or the fact I was hanging out with cartoon characters. As it is in dreams, these things are realities. I understood that I was their leader and we were going to a place of worship, as our ancestors did for centuries.

Soon, we arrived at our place of worship. It was a circular clearing about 15 yards in diameter. The ground was hard with flat, rounded stones radiating from the center. We formed a ring around the perimeter and prayed to the stones. It is what we always did.

Then, I began to think, why are we worshiping stones? The moment the thought crossed my mind I had an instant epiphany.

The reason we came to worship here had nothing to do with rocks or the supernatural.

The truth is, the planet was visited by human beings centuries ago, but something went terribly wrong with the equipment and they could not return. The crew worked day and night to try and get the space craft working. The rocks we worshiped were part of the launch pad they built.

As time went on, all attempts to fix the equipment failed. They made friends with the local population who tried to help. The next generation continued the work but also failed. The place where they always gathered was the launch pad—it was the one thing all had in common.

Eventually the environment reclaimed the equipment.

But the practice of meeting at the Launchpad continued. We were the ancestors of these humans and the indigenous beings.

All the details of the epiphany were not articulated as I tried to do in the telling. I just instantly had the knowledge as is if I always had it. The revelation immediately transported me to a different environment that was the polar opposite. I was now in an arid, desert land.

I could see no trees, no forest, no brown soil, just pristine desert sands.

I was seated at a small glass table on a large terrace made of sandstone with stone railing. Before me was fresh orange juice in a stemmed glass. I was on what may have been a third story. The view was amazing—I could see for miles. There were no clouds and the blue sky looked like it was stretch tight across the horizon. The sun backlit the orange juice which complemented everthing about the scene. It looked pristine and inviting.

The whole scene was in stark contrast to the previous scene in the jungle.

For those of you who are familiar with the story of Superman, it was Bizarro World. I should clarify the first scene was Bizarro World.

I can come up with explanations for this dream, but why cartoon characters following me? It could have something to do with my responsibility to teach my children truth. Not worshiping idols is a clear enough explanation.

Sands could represent time and O.J. truth. The jungle environment was myopic, damp lacked light. Maybe I’ll never understand the full takeaway of this dream.

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