Tahun 1970, keluargaku pindah dari Sanggau, kota kelahiranku ke Pontianak, Ibu Kota Kalimantan Barat. Bapak kami, Yakob Lomon yang  aktif di dunia politik dan mulai mempersiapkan diri  mengikuti Pemilihan Umum tahun 1972. Dan beliau terpilih sebagai Anggota DPRD Tingkat I Kalbar, dari Partai Katolik yang kemudian berafiliasi dengan Partai Demokrasi Indonesia.

Masih terekam dalam benakku, di tahun 70-an itu, Bapak kerap menyertai kami dalam kegiatannya, terutama saat reses, berkunjung ke konstituen di daerah pemilihannya di Kabupaten Sanggau. Terutama saat kami libur sekolah, Bapak pasti mengajak kami berlibur- sambil-jalan-jalan dari satu kampung ke kampung lainnya.

From Pontianak, Bapak and Mamak, me and my brother Kristo, took a mini bus from Kirana bus terminal Siantan to Sanggau. From Sanggau, we continued our journey to the villages in the sub-district by riding a water boat with a house, named Bandung. There is no road that can be passed by car to get to 11 districts in Sanggau at that time. With that Bandung, we down the Sekayam River, to Kampung Bonti, Kembayan, Beduai, Pengadang, Untik Entikong. And across the Tayan River, to Meliau and Tayan Hulu sub-districts.

My ears were constantly ringing from the sound of a motor-engine over the river. If it rains, we take refuge in the houseboat that lay mats. We were lying around while listening to the radio broadcast. If it’s sunny, we can enjoy the scenery along the river. touching the leafy shade of the tree on the riverbed we passed.

Most fun, when it comes to a village. We were greeted by friendly and homely citizens. I saw kids my age swimming in the river. My brother and I were drowned by Mr. and Mamak, to take a bath and swim in the river. After tired of playing in the river, Mamak called us to eat together with local residents. They have prepared a variety of Dayak typical menus, such as roast pork, and pulut cooked in bamboo, called lemang. There is also a menu of fish Toman, and fish Baong fertile fish flourish in Sekayam River. Not to forget the vegetable leaves Pakis, and Umbut Rattan. Sometimes there is also eggplant soup mixed with chicken or fish. While the fruits that are served also vary. If in season, there are durian fruit, Mentawa ‘, Cempedak.Wah memories are unforgettable. And just a memory.

After opening the land route, cross Malindo, from Tanjung, Sosok to Kembayan, Sekayam River almost no special attention again. Sekayam River water, was not like when I was a child. Sekay River is polluted by chemical waste from oil palm plantations and mining waste . Recorded, since 2010, has been operating 40 oil palm companies (5 companies in Kecamatan Kembayan) and 81 mining companies (3 companies with exploration license 76,568 Ha in Kembayan Sub-district). So the issue of environmental damage becomes one of the challenges that must be paid serious attention.

Indeed, development in the border area Entikong – Sarawak continues to be encouraged by President Jokowi. The Post Border Crossing in Entikong is already standing majestically. However, there are still many inland villages that have not been touched by development. Particularly the kampong which is crossed by Sekayam River, along Kembayan, Beduai, Pengadang and others, which still looks slum. Or Kampung Suruh Tembawang, its citizens have to ride a motor boat for 8 hours to reach the town district Entikong. Oh Sekayam … I want you to be as beautiful as ever. T ak less beautiful with Sarawak River in Kuching city, neighboring country.


Sanggau, W. Kalimantan, Indonesia


  1. Wuiihh.., sungai Sekayam. Dulu, aku pernah mandi disitu. Waktu itu masih SD dan SMP, tiap liburan sekolah ikut Bapak n mamak pulkam ke Kuala Dua – Kembayan, dan Muara Ilai. Tiap pagi – sore, mandi dan kayuh sampan bersama saudara2 di situ. Pernah juga main di sungai yg di Beduai dan Kubing. Apakah itu termasuk sungai sekayam juga ya ? Eh,.. Jadinya pengen pulkam, terus kayuh sampan deh di sungai sekayam2019 election.

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