Covid-19: Made in China


Early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, we were told by a core group of scientists that no evidence supporting the idea Covid-19 was created in a lab.  and that the Wuhan lab had regular visitors over the years and is thought to have reasonable safety procedures. The media was quick to back this scenario because they were much more interested in portraying Trump as a conspiratorial racist than revealing the truth.

Now we know the same small group of scientists were instrumental in providing funds for lab research in Wuhan. They deliberately steered the public away from the idea of a lab leak to cover their tracks. It turns out many reputable scientists claim there is no evidence of the virus jumping from animals to humans. What’s more, They know of several indicators supporting the lab leak theory.

Conspiracy theories are usually born when people notice anomalies like; Smoke was seen on the grassy knoll; there were no stars in the background of the moon landing; or a bio lab is in Wuhan, China. However, what most scientists saying now about the origins of covid-19 are greater than simple anomalies.

We don’t need to prove either theory, we already know it was a disaster made in China. China has given us several pandemics and epidemics, including the third plague pandemic, the 1900 San Francisco Chinatown bubonic plague the Asian flu, the Hong Kong flu, the 1977 Russian flu,  bubonic plague (Black Death), SARS. , and now covid-19, These diseases all came from China. No anomaly is necessary, it’s all a matter of fact.

World experts warned China the wet markets involved with exotic animal trade will produce a new stronger virus. Ultimately, they didn’t take the advice.

The Chinese Communist Party did close the markets for a brief period, only to reopen them again. They claim the people demanded it. Really? Since when did the CCP listen to its people? The CCP didn’t hesitate to put 1,000,000+ Muslims in an internment camp, or drag people from their homes and quarantine them, or shoot protesters in Tiananmen Square. But they can’t close a few exotic animal wet markets? How about at least enforcing safety standards?

After SARS, the world’s experts again warned of a stronger virus probability, specifically naming Wuhan as a potential hot spot.

For example, let’s say a restaurant caused deaths due to improper food handling. Upon discovering the cause and being repeatedly warned, they continued the same practices and killed even more people. They would be to blame and their actions would be considered criminal.

I don’t think the CCP created covid-19 intentionally, but China should not be given a pass on this pandemic. They ignored advice from the world’s experts and what’s far worse, they let thousands of air passengers leave Wuhan to all parts of the world knowing the virus spreads from human to human.

The blame for this virus becoming a pandemic lays squarely on the shoulders of the Chinese Communist Party and there should be some sort of consequences. Meanwhile, the world should stop these insane viral loading tests as if their life depended on it—because it does. <<<

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