Hai Sekayam, Aku Datang…


Citilink aircraft from Jakarta who led me and Mick Lyons, my husband, landed smoothly at the airport Supadio Supadio, West Kalimantan, medio August. Dayak inaudible music, like when 

Caption: Highway traffic in the district Malindo Entikong

I arrived at the airport Sepingggan, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan last year.

While waiting for the taxi that would take into Balaikarangan, District Sekayam, the district, we chose breakfast at a restaurant in Supadio, which is now part of Kubu Raya district, the expansion of Pontianak regency. I ordered Kwetiau flush, my favorite. While Mick, his favorite messages, egg fried rice.

As usual, we both always share a meal. Mick feed my fried rice, after which he tasted Kwetiau flush My Order seafood. Shortly after his tongue tasting sauce Kwetiau, Mick wide.

“Mmmh … .good … delicious!” He said, thumbs-up.

“This is better than food in Jakarta,” ucap Mick lagi.

I immediately said, “Just so you know, if we tingggal in London, in a short time, our weight will be doubled”. Because, at this Pontianak, famous for their Chinese culinary delicious specialties. Call it Kwe Cap, Kwe Kiau Teng, nasi campur, Coipan and more, my favorite food from childhood to sit in high school in St. Paul, Pontianak, before I migrated to college and working in Jakarta.

Taxis that I ordered, shortly arrive. Me and Mick was a bit hesitant when the driver invited us into the mini MPV car color gray. Because the car looks a little dusty and dented here and there. But because it was already a message, I think well accept it. Sitting side by side in the seat behind the driver, Mick returned disappointed, because the  seatbelt  did not work.

The disappointment was, somewhat relieved because the driver was friendly enough and kind enough to drive us to buy oranges Tebas, and Bingke cake to take home to my hometown. A distance of 218 km, from Pontianak past the causeway. Malindo (Malaysia Indonesia) with a fairly high speed, in about 4 hours, we arrived at Kenaman, Balaikarangan, at home my brother Christopher is Lomon. Balaikarangan, the capital subdistrict Sekayam, in Sanggau district. Any closer to Sarawak, Kuching

Yesterday rest in comfortable bedrooms, the first day in Balaikarangan, will be the capital of the Autonomous Region nominee Baru Raya Regency Sekayam, our agenda is a pilgrimage to the tomb of our parents in the village Guard, which is adjacent to Balaikarangan. Suzanna, brother, ready to accompany us to pray at the tomb of our father, Jacob Salomon, who died February 20, 2012, and Mama ‘Our Native Sanih, died May 10, 1994.

Tomb Mama ‘and Mr treated by Kristo and Suzanna, brother and sister who lived in Balaikarangan. In stone tombstone our parents were, Bang Special Kristo wrote about his memories on both deceased.

Mr. Nisan in stone, Bang Kristo wrote:

Here they rest in peace In Memoriam Timanggong General Patrick James Lomon DAD (The Challenger Storm), died at age 77 years.
A battering ram and fighters for the sake of self-esteem and identity of the Dayak people. From the era of the Revolution (Orla), New Order to Reform.
One of the Dayak tribal figure who devoted all his life to challenge the courage to fight the current. Under the pressure of a storm surge of the New Order regime.
Where at that time the Dayak are marginalized and cut off from their cultural roots in their homeland itself.
Hopefully the spirit and courage to inspire the next generation. And charity and worship during his lifetime received GOD FATHER in heaven. amen

While at the tomb of Mama ‘, Bang Kristo wrote:

Sanih mother, a mother and a wife who is always faithful, courageous and brave.
During his life to accompany her husband in the fight challenging currents,
under a storm surge pressure which is always the new order regime repressive
against activists are vocal and critical of the political system and the government of the day
Hopefully loyalty, fortitude and toughness become an inspiration for future generations of women …


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