A letter to the Dayak tribes of Kalimantan

Greetings One Blood,

Hello, my name is Destiny and I’m writing to advise you about your behavior for the next 5 years. Indonesia is moving it’s capital to your island and Kalimantan will be in the spotlight. They say the new city will be “Smart, Clean, and Green”. It will be a model city for all to view with wonder.

Why stop with a new city? You can make all of Kalimantan a model for the world. You have all the ingredients you need; strong people, bountiful land, and capable leaders. Now you have the perfect opportunity.

I challenge you to take control of your future.

Stop complaining about being about being innocent victims and do something. Many of you are poor and don’t think you can make a difference. You are wrong.

You are like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The wheel has strength because of you. When you work in unison, the wheel is strong, If you don’t do your individual duty, the wheel will wobble and collapse. You are important.

The shape of the wheel is determined by the rim. Those of you who are in leadership positions, this is your job. There are many Dayak organizations but most do not have communication with the lowest levels of Dayak society, or with each other for that matter. It is time to put your differences aside and find a singular goal you can all agree on.

Focus on your environment

Improving your environment would be a good goal to focus on. It is an easy topic to reduce to manageable components. Begin with the basics, like local cleanup, litter control, river cleanup, and distributing trash containers. Next, build a network. Build one from the ground up and involve every individual at the village level. Call it “Clean Borneo” or something similar. Get schools and children involved also.

Start a campaign against litter. Create a motto, a symbol, a handshake, a bumper sticker, talking points and news releases. Make viral videos for social media. Create positive peer pressure to stop littering. Local business can be sponsors. Dayak academic leaders can write educational material. Each village should have a representative in the network. Use before and after photos. Reward communities who make the biggest difference.

The world will notice

When the world witnesses your efforts, they will help. Global warming is a hot topic right now and you will get a lot of free press. You may even get some support from international NGOs. This will put pressure on Indonesian politicians. They will rush to be part of something successful.

This is only the beginning of something bigger. Your success will give you enough confidence and self respect to take on more issues.

Yours truly.

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