Elite Dayak Navy Seal—Amji Attak

On October 15, 2022 in Pontianak, W. Kalimantan A book review was held for AMJI ATTAK: Most trusted Ranger of General Anton Soedjarwo. The event was sponsored by Maria Goreti, DPD-RI, and her team, Author Christina Salomita Lomon-Lyons from Dayak Dreams, and moderator Hendrikus Clements from Yayasan Sumgat Nusantara. 

The event was part of a larger effort to get Amji Attak officially recognized as a national hero. He is arguably Indonesia’s top Ranger of all time. In America, Amji would have been a Navy Seal and an elite one at that.

The entire team rehearses the evening before the event
from left: Pius, MC; Hendrikus Clement, Moderator; Maria Goreti, DPD-RI; Christina Lomon, author, Michael Lyons, DayakDreams.com

It is true there are statues of him and he is considered the spirit of Brimob. It is true that politicians want to be associated with him. It is true that he is a role model for all who follow in his footsteps. It is true that he is a point of pride for all Dayaks. It stands to reason he deserves his true place in history.

Seeing so many of Amji’s relatives at the book review was a welcome surprise for me. I had met most of them previously because I am the author’s husband and accompanied her in countless interviews. They are a remarkable clan.

This article is dedicated to them. Most of the photos you see here are of guests invited to the book review, many of whom are Amji’s direct relatives. Many traveled a long way to be there, and in the end, we were all tired. So what did they do? They did what Dayaks do … turn up the bass and dance!

I like watching Dayaks dance. They move their arms gracefully to mimic the Indonesian hornbill, their spirit animal, as they sing and circle the dance floor. The haunting sound is similar to American Plains Indians. The difference being American plains Indians mimic buffalo by stomping and they circle in a clockwise direction.

Enjoy the many photos below and thank you to the family of Amji Attak <<<

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