Botanical Gardens of Bogor, Indonesia

Christina and I Headed off for some serenity at Bogor’s Batanical Gardens. It was a rough week and we needed some time away from Jakarta. The drive to Bogor wasn’t long, but once we got there we decided to stay the night and see the gardens the next day.

We found a nice hotel across from the Gardens called the Grand Savaro Hotel. It was a 4.5 star hotel for a reasonable $70.00 per night. Though double what we usually pay, the pampering was worth it. The room was beautiful and from the seventh floor we got a good view of Bogor and Mount Salak.

That evening we watched Mexico kick Germany’s a*s at the World Cup games. I read the next morning that In Mexico, they cheered so hard the vibrations created an earthquake sized disturbance on seismographs.

Bogor is a beautiful little town, outside of Jakarta, in spite of being packed with people. Java, the island where Jakarta and Bogor are located, is the most populated island in the world. Bogor has great shopping opportunities and even better eating opportunities. I have the scale to prove it.

The the gardens are over 180 years old and have huge trees, many being older than the park itself. Our walk the next morning in the gardens started out peaceful and serene, but eventually became choked with people. Still, it was a great time and I’m glad we visited and had a chance to get away.

Eventually, we decided on somewhere more serene, so we went back to Jakarta. 🙂

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