Salatiga—we will probably give up Bali for this city.
We love it here. It’s in the foothills of two small mountains. It’s about 2400 ft above sea level so it’s cool at night(60s) and warm in the day (80s). Salatiga is Indonesia’s version of Colorado Springs. The terrain reminds me of Tennessee. We can still get to the Indian Ocean in less than 2 hours. Jakarta is 11 hours and Bali 13 hours.Salatiga is 60% Christian and the traffic is easy compared to Jakarta or Bali. The cost of living is lower and the weather can’t be beat. The last census shows 170,000. There are many great places in Central Java within two hours.


This is a beach on the north shore of Java on the way to Central Java. 

Most of the beaches are dark gold. they call it black sand.

Our hosts, Christina’s brother’s family. Julius, wife Rita, and kids Yesaya and Vanya.

Their house in Salatiga

How the mountains look from North Salatiga

We spent the afternoon at a beach south of Salatiga near Yogyakarta. Great waves—had time for some great body surfing.

Yesaya’s first time driving a four wheeler.—it was a blast. He did well but they busted us for speeding

Sand castle time.

Checking out property in the hills


Beach bunnies: Rita and Christina

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