Welcome to Jakarta! I have a helmet cam and a bicycle and would love to show you around. I’m going to add videos to this post occasionally, but for now, I’ll start by showing you an upscale neighborhood about a half mile from home. Later, I’ll take you on some not-so-upscale neighborhoods.

I also want to make a video that features scooters—what they can carry, how many they can carry and how they rule the traffic here. But for now, I’ll show you a few neighborhoods.

On the way to this location, I took a high-speed ride. I have an app that that works like a bicycle computer and wanted to brag a little. Well, I got up to 31mph—then a scooter pulled out in front of me. It was a close one. Unfortunately, the camera was not turned on correctly. Just as well because of some not-so-carefully chosen words…*ahem*

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