Rekomendasi Itu Diteken Setelah Ancaman Hukum Adat

By: Kenny Sekayamraya

Three prominent figures of DOB KSR fighters from Kec Kembayan, Sanggau District, West Kalimantan, who continue to fight until the end of life, have passed away in a row. Starting from Mr. Yosef TR, then Bp Sl Anyim / Bp Beringin (Tumenggung Panca Continent), and now following Justin Manaurung (Horas Ranto).

Justin Manurung died in RSUD Sanggau. He is one of the leaders of Kembayan who participated in the hearing Prsidium Formulator DOB KSR in DPD-DPR RI, January 1014.

“The Fathers struggle will always be remembered and will always be our inspiration, and we will continue. Goodbye to the fighters, “said Kristo S Lomon, Chairman of the DOB KSR Presidium (Sekayam Raya District).

Remembering the Struggle of the Warriors 

CDOB Sekayam Raya District (KSR) was first declared in Kembayan District Office, mid 2008, attended by Sanggau Regent for 2004-2009 period. The end of 2010, Sanggau District Government issued KSR recommendations not yet / not feasible to be DOB.

So in early 2011, community leaders (tomas) and customary leaders (todat) border, led by the Presidium KSR, protested and resistant.Pasalnya, after researched and analyzed team PKSR, studies made Sanggau regency declaring Kab SR not / turned out to use inaccurate data and has expired.

Thus, with PKSR self-help led by Tembal Kembayan alm Yosep TR, made a counter study, with more accurate data and more up to date, the results of the SR is very feasible and able to become its own Regency. Finally Sanggau district government made a re-academic study with the data kura and uptodate TSB, with the results KSR feasible and able to be a district.

Recommendation at the end of 2011, newly signed Sanggau Regent, pengujung 2013. Means settled 1.5 years on the table Sanggau regent.

The proposal of KSR was finally signed by Sanggau regent, after the tomas, tomato and presidium of KSR, crowded into Sanggau city, filed a lawsuit, if the proposed expansion of KSR was not immediately signed by Sanggau regent, after returning from Sanggau, tomas and tomatoes threatened to install banners in the Maja River bridge that reads, “The Sanggau government is prohibited from entering the CKSR area, with pairs of crown jars and if violated, will apply customary law.”

Finally, on December 13, 2012, Sanggau and West Kalimantan Provincial Government, formally proposed KSR to the central government.

 (Continued:  Proposed Expansion of Two Odd Districts and Taboons)

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